Information on entertainment

Amazing Thailand Show

7F ArmeriA Theater
Daytime show: 13:00; 1st show: 19:30; 2nd show: 21:00 (45 min each)
Whisky, shochu, and oolong tea are all-you-can-drink during show.
Admission fees: 3,000 yen for adults; 1,500 yen for children (including tax)
*Reservation required *Daytime show is not performed on an irregular basis.

The latest sound system and lighting system add excitement to their powerful show.

Exciting and energetic! Don’t miss our comical, touching entertainment.

Pole Dance Show

14F Musica
1st show: 20:25; 2nd show: 21:25; 3rd show: 22:25 (30 min each)
Fees: Admission fee only 1,500 yen for adults (including tax)
Admission fee plus one drink 2,000 yen for adults (including tax)
Admission fee plus all-you-can-drink option 3,800 yen for adults (including tax)

*Reservation required *No performance on Thursdays

POLEDANCE Pole dance is a kind of dance or exercise. It is a sensual dance using an upright pole and recently performed as a more artistic one in circuses and performing arts.
Its high degree of techniques requires considerable muscular powers and stamina. Pole dancers not only hold on the pole but also show more gymnastic movements such as climbing up or down the pole, spinning around the pole, and flipping upside down holding on the pole. The muscle powers of the upper body and body trunk are important to be a skilled pole dancer. Therefore, long muscle training is absolutely necessary for beautiful performance.
Recently, pole dance is spreading on a global scale as a fitness exercise or an athletic game. As such, pole dance world championships were held as an exhibition event of the 2012 London Olympics. In this way, there is an increasing movement to make pole dance an Olympic sport as one of sports.
Our dancers’ well-built beautiful physiques fascinate you in the stylish, sexy show.
It is also engaging the hearts and minds of female audience. Don’t miss out the overwhelming stage!

The photographs of Amazing Thailand Show and Pole Dance Show are for illustrative purposes only.
Performers, stage outfits, performances, etc. vary depending on the period.