• SERVICES Free parking (for about 100 cars)
    Free Wi-Fi in all facilities
    Plug-in station for electric cars
    Free shuttle service from Gero Station
    Free guest room cleaning (every day)
    Vending machines
    Smoking corners
    Reception open 24 hours
  • GUEST ROOMS The hotel offers Japanese-style guest rooms in two different locations, each with different interior designs: the main building (non-smoking)and the new building (smoking permitted).

    [Furnishings and equipment] Free Wi-Fi; bathroom with toilet seat with bidet functions (unavailable in some guest rooms); TV; air conditioner; refrigerator; strongbox; electric hot-water pot; and tea and teacups

    [Amenities] Hand towels, bath towels, Japanese bathrobes, toothbrush sets, after-shave lotion, hair tonic, hair styling liquid, milky lotion, skin lotion, hair brush, razor, hair comb, and lady's amenity set

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  • SPA Gero hot spring (cycle filtration)
    Two large pool baths and two open-air baths
    Available between 15:00 and 10:00
    Lockers are available
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  • MEALS Choose from a wide variety of dinner options including buffet dining with more than 50 Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, and kaiseki ryori (traditional multi-course Japanese-style dinner) made with Japanese beef. For breakfast, choose from either the morning buffet or a Japanese-style breakfast spread. Click here for details
    Karaoke box, game arcade, and Japanese-style bar
    Summer-only beer garden
    Summer-only outdoor pool, and more.
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  • ENTERTAINMENT Enjoy a variety of entertainment including a powerful performance full of laughter and excitement presented by professional Thai transgender dancers, and Hotel Armeria’s special fireworks show. *Limited-time event. Contact the hotel for dates and other information. Click here for details
  • BASIC INFORMATION / POINTS OF ATTENTION ・Check-in: 15:00/Check-out: 10:00
    ・Prices for children (may vary by plan)
    ・Cancellation fees (may vary by plan)
    ・Payment method: Depends on reservation sites.
    ・The latest check-in time for the plan including two meals daily is 19:00; The latest check-in time for the plan including breakfast only and the plan without meals is 22:00.
    ・No pets are allowed.
    ・When making a reservation, you need a contactable phone number or email address.
    ・It is not allowed to use this system or a reservation site to make a reservation to hold a tour, resell our service to another company, or use it for another commercial purpose. If we find such a case, we cancel the reservation without notice.