Welcome to Gero spa resort Hotel Kusakabe Armeria. We have varieties of guest rooms.




Hotel Kusakabe Armeria located on a hill above the Gero spa resort is a healthy resort hotel featuring one of the greatest views in this area. We would lile to welcome you with the ample hotel facilities with the hottest Armeria Theater, aromatherapy and reflexology services that you can never enjoy enough for one day, and our sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet and exquisite Japanese Kaiseki style cuisine featuring luxury foodstuff also awaiting you.
We have 2 spas in Armeria and more in two hotel annexes Koyo-Kan and Minori-So. There is complimentary shuttle bus to the hotel annexes.
Please enjoy the quality of our spa, Jacuzzi, sauna, open-air spa and etc.
The Open-air spa on the 8th floor is liberating at night viewing down the town of Gero.
Guests who are unfamiliar with large public bath,we recommend you stay at suite room.
We have varieties of course meals for both those who love Japanese foods and those who are not good at Japanese food, sashimi or raw foodstuff.
Please select the best meal for yourself from Armeria buffet (which you can enjoy flavors from more than 40 dishes of Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine) or Japanese Kaiseki style cuisine (which you can enjoy seasonal changes of the flavor of Hida).